I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down whenever they’re around. All those fantastic movers and shakers changing lives, changing chairs, changing toys and changing history. All those folks we have been talking about in my blogs: Queen Victoria with her long reign in the 19th century, the Bauhaus school in the early 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright in the mid 20th century,

Pixar Cars

Steve Jobs of Apple and Pixar in the late 20th and to date only to name a few free thinkers.

Where would we be today without these creative thinkers? I suppose we would not know the difference. We can’t miss what we never knew. But we stand watch as they shake us around and push forward to new exciting innovative technology. What next?

We all subscribe to public domains to chit chat and contact others. You know: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. The public plays all over the internet while big brother is watching. George Orwell in his 1949 book “1984″ was right about big brother. Big brother IS watching you. Orwell was a little early in his prediction. But rest assured the major minds were already working on the technology we have today.

Technology Overload

Are we on technology overload and who is big brother? Do you believe you are being watched? How do you feel about this eye on you everyday, all day, all night? Are you participating in the public domains where everyone knows who you are? What changes have you made in your life with all the technology? Is life easier?

2 thoughts on “MOVERS & SHAKERS

  1. RC Bonitz

    Interesting questions. Orwell wrote an interesting book and I suppose there’s some truth to it today. I look back at what the FBI tried to do to Martin Luther King and wonder. That said, the bigger concern in my mind is the apathy and ignorance of most Americans. We vote based on slogans and good PR campaigns or party affiliation without regard to facts.

    1. gailingis Post author

      You are on target Bob. Unless you are involved with politics, the lazy way is to follow those slogans and campaigns. Don’t you think we are kept in the dark? For Orwell, his foresight was amazing, don’t you think? Do you think Luther was setup by the FBI? Thanks for your probing comments.


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